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New Potato Recipes from Daly Gourmet Potatoes

Two new potato recipes are available for viewing and download on our Recipe page.

The two recipes are Honey Glazed Pink Eye’s and Purple Gem Potato Crisps. and are made using our delicious farm grown potatoes at beautiful Marion Bay in South East Tasmania.

Our Pink Eye’s are a traditional Tasmanian variety and have beautiful waxy flesh and are fabulous boiled and tossed with some butter and sea salt.

Our Purple Gems are a variety of Sapphire and are unusual in that they are a dark purple colour and this colour extends right through the flesh of the potato.

Our Purple Gems make a wonderful purple colour when mashed or they can be sliced, shallow fried or baked in the oven for deliciously different purple potato crisps.

These two recipes are just the start and more will be added in the near future. Our specialty is potatoes, that is all we grow and we grow the best.

Our potatoes will soon be available for purchase on-line. Soon you will be able to just place an order from the comfort of your home and a few days later, will be delivered to your door. All you will have to do is to cook them and enjoy.

Daly Gourmet Potatoes

Daly Gourmet PotatoesWelcome to the new website of Daly Gourmet Potatoes.  We are proud Tasmanian potato growers specialising in growing gourmet potatoes on a farm overlooking beautiful Marion Bay on the south east coast of Tasmania.

With rich deep soil, clean air and good rainfall, we are able to produce some of the best potatoes in the world. We are currently growing three types of potatoes, pink-eyes, nicola and a new variety of sapphire potatoes that we call “Purple Gems”.

Potatoes are full of nutrition that our bodies need to grow and be strong.  Potatoes are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, dietary fibre and niacin, they have zero fat, can be used in salads, for roasting and chipping and for also mashing.

Pink-eye potatoes, sometimes known as southern gold, are a small oval to round potato with a creamy yellow flesh and skin, blushed with purple. Pink-eyes are great for boiling, steaming, baking and roasting. Pink-eyes are great in salads.

Nicola potatoes have an oblong tuber, are a rich yellow colour and are great in salads and can also be used for boiling, roasting and baking.

Recently we introduced a new potato to our range – we call it “Purple Gem”.  It’s purple on the inside and tastes amazing.  We are the only supplier of this variety in Tasmania. The purple gem potato is a variety of sapphire potato. They have a most spectacular purple coloured flesh and the colour is maintained when cooking. Purple gems taste similar to other potato varieties and are great for mashing and roasting.

We will be providing a range of products for sale soon including potatoes and recipes.

Good old “spuds”, they’re cheap, easy and really good for you…